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How It Works

Explore Test Assured’s Fentanyl detection kits, offering a comprehensive solution for harm reduction:

Effortless Procedure:

Utilizes a microscoop, deionized water, and a custom testing cassette.
Simplified steps ensure ease of use and accuracy.

Microscoop Precision:

Tailored 10 mg/ml dilution specifically designed for WHPM Fentanyl Test Strips.
Eliminates the need for a milligram scale, enhancing convenience and safety.
Note: Test strips from other manufacturers may require separate sensitivity and specificity evaluations.

Deionized Water Clarity:

Deionized water, or DI water, guarantees the absence of ions for precise testing.
Process involves adding substances to a vial containing deionized water, ensuring an optimal testing solution.

Interpretation Clarity:

The testing cassette provides clear instructions for result interpretation:
One red line on top after three minutes: Positive for fentanyl presence.
Two red lines: Negative result.
Lower red line visibility after three minutes still indicates a negative result.
No or one red line at the bottom signifies an invalid test, prompting a retest.
Detects fentanyl at a cutoff concentration of 10 ng/ml.

Principle Understanding:

The One Step Fentanyl Drug of Abuse Test operates on lateral flow chromatographic immunoassay.
Competitive binding principle: Drug competes against its respective drug conjugate for binding sites on a specific antibody.
Visible colored line in the test line region indicates a drug concentration below the cutoff.

Quality Assurance:

The control line serves as an internal procedural control, ensuring:
Sufficient specimen volume.
Adequate membrane wicking.
Correct procedural technique.
Technical or procedural errors, as well as interfering substances, may influence results.

Storage and Handling Guidelines:

Store the test device in a sealed pouch within the temperature range of 4-30°C until the expiration date.
Designed for single use, with gloves recommended to prevent unnecessary specimen contact.
Used test devices and specimens should be disposed of according to federal, state, and local regulations.

Test Procedure Detail:

Simple steps include removing the device from its foil pouch, adding substance to the buffer vial, and placing drops into the sample well.
Results should be read at 5 minutes; readings after 10 minutes are considered invalid.
In summary, Test Assured’s Fentanyl detection kits provide a detailed, structured approach for accurate detection, combining dilution, competitive binding principles, and clear result interpretation to support harm reduction efforts effectively.