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Meet the Test Assured Team

At Test Assured, our mission is to lead the charge in revolutionizing harm reduction through our all-in-one Fentanyl Detection Kit, encompassing three essential elements that redefine the testing experience for consumers.

Matthew Rosenberg

Matthew rosenberg is a seasoned sales professional with extensive experience at companies like twilio, wework, and gereenhouse.Β With his expertise in sales strategy and market expandsion, matthew ensures that test assured medical labs reaches a wide audience and establishes strong partnerships to deliver our products efficiently.

Lindsey Rayl

Lindsey rayl is co-owner of grace counseling center, a chain of addiction treatment centers in texas, and synergy lab services, a multi-faceted lab testing and medical supply distribution agency. Ms. Rayl has been spearheading the fentanyl testing movement, working with companies including end overdose, brand new holdings,, etc. While pursuing her phd in clinical psychology she’s had the opportunity to work closely with those in the field who are performing the most current research in the harm reduction sector, which has given her direct access to some of the most state of the art reagents and harm reduction products on the market today.

Ali Ray Assaf

Experienced healthcare entrepreneur with successful endeavors in development of of acute care facilities, ancillary programs in population health, pandemic response, telemedicine and supply chain management across the globe. Ali moved to los angeles in 2020 amid the covid19 pandemic to distribute & develop tests. He quickly developed a passion for individualized healthcare experiences and began exploring other areas in the laboratory testing arena